Jay Nordlinger on Laura Pollan

The incomparable Jay Nordlinger on Laura Pollan:

A heroic woman

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_7s5_dJ4qFNA/TA_4oZAuqSI/AAAAAAAAABQ/6MAKWmeRlMk/s1600/nordlinger.jpgReaders of this column are well familiar with the Ladies in White. They are a Cuban human-rights group whose members have loved ones in prison, or once did. The ladies march silently through the streets, hold candlelight vigils, and so on. They have been subjected to vicious attack — including physical attack — by state security and the mobs it whips up. They are incredibly brave women. They act as though they had nothing more to lose.

In a column a couple of weeks ago, I wrote, “Remember and bless the name Laura Pollán.” It was she who founded the Ladies in White. I was shocked to read, three days ago, of her death. She was 63. (For an Associated Press report, go here.)

Pollán would have made a worthy recipient of the Nobel peace prize, as many Cubans would. Earlier this month, the Nobel committee announced the 2011 award, which is going to three campaigners for women’s rights, peace, and democracy. Two of the women are from Liberia and one is from Yemen. This is a good award, the 2011 award. An award to Pollán and the Ladies in White would have been good too.

I hope there is a monument one day to Laura Pollán in a free Cuba. The name of the Castros, and the names of their supporters, defenders, and apologists, will live in infamy. The name Laura Pollán will be shining.