Who Killed Laura Pollan?

Juan Manuel Cao in Diario Las Americas (my translation):

Who killed Laura Pollan?

By Juan Manuel Cao

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_mzEMPgOqey4/Ra5h48rKHZI/AAAAAAAAAWw/MVayHZ-k328/s320/cao.jpgThey killed her. That is what everyone thinks, but we need proof. It is good that the Cuban opposition wanted to be measured and does not want to repeat the defamatory style of the dictatorship that accuses without proof, and even invents proof. Imagine the racket the regime would make if Rene Gonzalez were to die suddenly in a hospital in Miami for any reason that is medically reasonable! Does anyone doubt who they would accuse? It is not good to imitate the bad habits of the enemy. That is what it’s all about: distancing ourselves from such behavior, not copying it. Because of that many of us are biting our tongues in order to not appear as irrational fanatics. But it sure is difficult! The antecedents weigh so heavy against that system!

Who killed Sebastian Arcos Bergnes? The opposition leader and prisoner of conscience who from his cell complained for at least two years about a pulsating pain that would come down his leg and would not allow him to sleep.  The regime ruled that he was faking it; they made a political diagnosis instead of a clinical one.

When he was done serving his sentence, it was then too late: a doctor friend, who later suffered all the reprisals, was able to find with a simple physical examination an enormous cancerous tumor (the size of an orange) that had already started irreversible metastasis. Who killed Jose Abrantes? His heart attack was so opportune that it is hard to believe anything else! I, nonetheless, gave them the benefit of the doubt until one day, when the U.S. authorities arrested Posada Carriles, Fidel Castro surprised me with a revealing statement: “They better not give him a heart attack,” said Castro, apparently convinced that Posada Carriles possessed secrets that Washington feared. I asked myself: How do they do that? Now they can give people heart attacks?

I would like to know what profound knowledge of this subject the comandante has that he would make such statements to the United States.

The thing is that the boys from the KGB were able to teach their disciples in Havana a few good tricks. The same ones that even after the disappearance of the USSR, they put radioactive material in the sushi of the former Russian spy Alexander Livinenko, sort of a mini atomic bomb for dinner. The same ones that in 2004 were able to disfigure the face of Ukrainian leader Viktor Yushchenko with a potent dose of dioxin that they still are not sure how they managed to get into him. It is a miracle that it did not kill him.

This is the same gang who a few years back eliminated Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, injecting him using the tip of an umbrella that contained a sophisticated capsule of ricin. Fortuitously on the same day of Todor Zhivkov’s birthday, the president of Bulgaria who had always been a communist and who used consultants from Moscow for the country’s intelligence service, and who gave him a much desired birthday gift. As we can see, the comrades have plenty of resources, imagination, and lack of scruples.

But on the margin of these more or less fantastical speculations, there is a danger that jumps out at us: that the entire medical system of the country is controlled by the State. The much vaunted Cuban health care system is nothing more than a monopoly that impedes alternative private health care, and when members of the opposition get sick, they have no choice but to put themselves into the hands of the enemy. Later, just like the judicial system that is a monopoly of the only political party, there exists no possibility of investigating any possible negligence. When you think about the details of this reality, the heroic dimension of those who openly oppose in Cuba becomes obvious.

Nonetheless, Laura Pollan was killed while she was still alive with the imprisonment of her husband, the acts of repudiation, the insults, the beatings, her disqualification in the press (another State exclusive), the constant vigilance, and the moral blackmail. And since they were not able to break her during her sad life, which she was destined to live yet survived, her death becomes suspiciously convenient for the regime. A regime that has complained bitterly that after the release of the 75, the Ladies in White have not disbanded.

When one reviews and weighs all of these precedents, it does not sound so crazy to ask: Who killed Laura Pollan?

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  1. No matter the explanation…..or in this case…lack of explanation… The Castro Totalitarian Regime Killed her. And then they conveniently had the body cremated..so no “proof” could be found later on.

  2. Of course they killed Laura Pollan.

    I remember when they killed my uncle Sijito. Sijito was a Guardia Rural in the Guantanamo area. He and more than a dozen soldiers and officers were tried and sentenced to death in a one hour farce of a trial. It was a scene that my mother witnessed. As Tio Sijito was led outside of the courthouse a tank commander grabbed a rifle from one of the rebels. That’s when the rebels opened fire. In front of hundreds of witnesses the condemned men including my uncle were gunned down. This happened in Guantanamo approximately two weeks after Batista fled the country.

    Sorry for going on this tangent but the communist in Cuba have always killed their political opponents. From day one.

  3. “the communist in Cuba have always killed their political opponents. From day one.”

    That’s right, lies, murder and steal, the essence of Fidel Castro’s Robolution from day one.

    The worst part is that it continues to this day…

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