Castro dictatorship to ‘grant’ more land it stole

Only in Castrolandia is returning a minuscule portion of the land the Castro regime stole from the people to the people is described as a benevolent and magnanimous “grant.” And the international media is all too happy to endorse the ruse:

Cuba to grant much larger plots to farmers

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba will greatly expand the amount of land granted to private farmers, an agriculture official said on Wednesday, as the Communist-run country struggles to boost productivity in the sector.

3 thoughts on “Castro dictatorship to ‘grant’ more land it stole”

  1. Well you know how it is Alberto, Reuters has to protect its Havana news bureau at all cost! If that means losing any shred of journalistic integrity that they might have and if that means acting as parrots for the dictatorship and helping to elongate tyranny at the expense of the Cuban people, Oh Well!

  2. Ray, they can’t lose what they don’t have. What they CAN lose is their damn Havana bureau, not to mention their fashionably “progressive” image. Can’t have that.

  3. You’re absolutely right, Asombra. They have no integrity at all, and, well that “progressive image” is vitally important. Wouldn’t look good if they tell the truth every once in a while. People might start accusing them of shilling for the Miami Mafia. Never mind that they shill for the dictator. That’s, okay, you know, ah, politically correct.

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