Hugo Chavez is sick in both body and mind

David Paulin in FRONTPAGEMAG:

Hugo Chavez: Sick in Mind and Body

In a Havana cancer ward, as Hugo Chávez contemplates his final days, the truth about his medical condition — mental and physical — is coming out. His face grotesquely bloated, Hugo Chávez has been fighting the biggest battle of his life: cancer. But the prognosis for Venezuela’s increasingly reclusive president remains a highly guarded state secret. Besides distorting his features, the chemotherapy he’s receiving has rendered him bald.

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  1. Just heard not 10 minutes ago on NPR (which we all know to be a reputable, unbiased news source, ha , ha ) that after his recent round of treatments in Cuba, he is cancer free!!! I am waiting for the pigs to fly too.

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