Eventually All Great Anarchist Utopias Will Come To An Ugly End


You see, socialism/communism must have control and order through governing … and money. But anarchism resists control and governing. Quite the quandary for those neo-hippies squatting in the streets of various cities throughout the USA.

I have gathered a few items on the latest OWS news and compiled them into a blog piece over at Chandler’s Watch. As much as they believe in that wonderful hive mentality of the collective, the old “private and personal life” always seems to come through. You see, anarchy is the far, far extreme of a ‘private and personal’ existence that has thrown off all elements of compassion and coexistence. It eventually will refuse to conform to being governed, organized, or occupied, even from within.

Apparently the process of attempting to self-govern for over a month outside the perceived constraints of a successful 235 year representative Republic is taking its toll on the OWS movement:

Just like Obama has ruined “Community Organizing” for everyone … “Occupy Wall Street” is ruining the anarchist profession for, well, anarchists…

I guess they are greedy, selfish, self-centered ‘capitalists’ after all.


And if their cosmic ideas about running their own mini-self-governing society outside the establishment confines of a tried and true structured society are falling apart over personal possessions, marketing, and (GASP!) money, exactly how well will their own ‘criminal’ justice handling go, huh?

The Baltimore sect of the OWS has decided, probably as a result of the recent reports of a rape in the Cleveland OWS sect (and more likely than not others not being reported), to take such criminal matters into their own hands. What could go wrong?

If you missed it, here’s Alberto’s report of the OWS sect in Miami.

Nice to know the democrat party has embraced this movement.

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  1. 3 steps for these poor victims.
    1…..Take a shower.
    2…..Get a Job….any Job.
    3……Work your way up.

    At a times in my life when jobs were scarce…I took a job as an ice cream dipper at “Thrifty`s (Rite Aid today) and I left 5 years with the position of Key Holder. (management).
    Stop playing the VICTIM amd GET A JOB!!

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