Occupy Miami: Miami occupied with more important things

Miami blog Boiling Frogs set out to find the “Occupy Miami” protestors, and finally found them:

[…] That’s it.

Twenty tents and three dozen people being gawked at by another three dozen curiosity hounds, and just like that, the revolution finds out what the Marlins and the Fins already know…South Floridians don’t waste their time on losers, and with a large population of refugees from places where wealth redistribution went from slogan to practice, they sure as HELL don’t have time for a bunch of soaking wet Socialist malcontents blathering about what they ain’t got, and trying to sell envy and entitlement as something other than…well, envy and entitlement.

So, my guess is that Occupy Miami will eventually figure out that Miami is otherwise occupied, and it will slither away quietly into the warm Tropical night without so much as a parting whimper.

Read the entire excellent piece HERE.