Scrubbing China’s Nasty Stain


The little Chinese girl Yue Yue passed away a few days ago. The bloody stain she left behind on China is a stark example of the stripping away of even the most basic humanity within the perfect structure of Communism and its control through fear. China, in this modern technology/internet world they find themselves entering into with their current economic dabbling into world capitalism, has its devaluation of life exposed, even beyond the decades of the West knowing the moral debacle of their “one child” law.

British paper The Daily Mail UK puts a spin on the whole horrific incident by trying to portray Chinese society’s disregard for the toddler as a result of China’s newly found “materialism” in China’s economic boom, even going so far as to play the class warfare card here…

As a result people in China called upon the government to introduce a ‘Good Samaritan law’ to punish passersby who refuse to help people in need.

The case triggered a furor across the nation, which questioned how such callousness could occur – with some blaming it a descent into an ‘immoral modern society’.

China’s economic boom and *the growing disparity between the rich and poor have made changing social values a contentious topic, with some lamenting what they see as materialism replacing morals.

* Sound familiar? Is the Daily Mail hinting at such human disregard on the horizon of the world’s most capitalist nation? Those who sit comfortably in their campus coffee huts, with every opportunity for individual growth and success in their reach, and have never actually lived within that which they espouse are the most amoral in a moral society.

“Morals”? There is nothing more amoral on the face of the planet than totalitarian fascist communism. Some 100 million deaths, and counting … most recently a tiny girl and a freedom fighter armed with nothing more than the truth. China discarded morality for its people over 60 years ago (by immoral means) and replaced it with unflinching and unquestioning servitude. Those of us on the outside looking in are afforded the view of immorality because we are permitted to gauge with our ingrained humanity, value for human life and human rights. Communism is completely void of all of that.

In over 62 years the Chinese people had been literally beaten, bullied, and murdered into submission to the imposed system of Communism that has no room for, or tolerance of, such individual thought and human instinct. In order to do this the generations of Chinese people had to throw off their individuality and self-centered human urges and values in order to move as the obedient collective. Every aspect of life and thought of mind has been dictated by the state. Now, in the blinding exposure of a child’s death, the Chinese government must look to blame anyone but themselves, and scold the citizenry for what they, the state, has fermented in six decades of cruelty upon the people they rule …

One local Communist party chief urged ‘searching reflection’ over the incident, according to the official Guangzhou Daily.

‘Take active and effective steps to raise the moral standards of the entire society,’ he told a meeting of province officials.

Wang Yang, a top official, told a high-level provincial meeting that the tragedy of Yue Yue should be a ‘wake-up call’ for society and that such incidents should not be allowed to occur again.

‘We should look into the ugliness in ourselves with a dagger of conscience and bite the soul-searching bullet.’

Many people in China are hesitant to help people who appear to be in distress for fear that they will be blamed.

However, The Daily Mail then goes on to point out all the great things the Communist Chinese government has done for its people … I guess to make this single death a small part of the full context, or something…

Despite its current social conditions, the Chinese government can point to some positive achievements, having lifted 400 million out of poverty to create a new middle class living in modern high rises in futuristic cities and peasants finding new lives in the factory boom towns.

The vast majority of Chinese are literate and many well educated. Many are poor but none are starving.

I think starvation can be directly subject to who is doing the actual starving … Don’t you? I mean, I am sure, say, the Castros firmly attest the Cuban people aren’t starving. Hey, we would hear about it from those conscientious Hollywood types that travel there and are so fully knowledgeable of the Communist country.

As easy as it would be, I cannot blame the Chinese people in the street that day. This is a society that cannot move without permission or a law, and if they do they fear facing the repercussions from the state. China’s answer now, outside the speculated legislating of “a good Samaritan law” is to throw money at those directly involved in little Yue Yue’s brief life displayed to the world. This blood is on China’s hands. The priceless sacrifice is theirs…


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