“Arab Spring, Islamist Winter”

“Arab Spring, Islamist Winter.”

The Arab Spring has become an Islamist Winter.

Tunisia’s weekend vote, the brutal killing of a brutal dictator in Libya, Egypt’s upcoming legislative elections, and Barack Obama’s announcement of a U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq are among the current events sparking observers to rethink future events. Might the oppressors we knew prove preferable in some cases to the oppressors we don’t quite know yet?

Tunisia held the first free elections in its history this weekend. The victors appear to be the Ennahda, or Renaissance, party, an Islamist movement which had opposed, sometimes violently, the fallen regime. “Allahu Akbar!” chanted hundreds of supporters gathered outside the headquarters of Ennahda, which some Tunisians regard as “God’s party.” But the party leader (in the temporal world, at least) Rachid Ghannouchi insists that there is no conflict between representative government and a party that represents Allah. “We have declared that we accept democracy without any restrictions and we accept the decision of the people whether they come with us or against us,” he explained in the wake of his political victory. “We accept the notion of citizenship as the basis of rights, so all citizens are equal whether they are Islamist or not Islamist.” […]

Read it all. Here’s an interview (via FrontPage Magazine) with Middle East expert, Daniel Pipes, talking about the same wonderful Arab Spring (in Libya, specifically) those of us with two feet on the ground dread.

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  1. As a Jew, I’ve made it a point to know my enemies, and I’ve been saying all along that Islam is incompatible with the accepted western standard of democracy. Kudos, serious kudos to our founding father’s for creating a republic.

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