After ‘reforms,’ Cuba remains a totalitarian state

In the Cuba run by the dictatorial regime of the Castro brothers, the so-called economic reforms being lauded as monumental are nothing more than window dressing. Under Fidel and Raul Castro, Cuba remains a totalitarian society where the cardinal rule is strict adherence to the philosophy of the self-serving regime. Any deviation from this edict is answered with swift and permanent retribution.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Young Cuban Fired from Work for Being a Dissident

Denis Pino Basulto is a 27 year old Cuban, he resides in Holguin, and is father to a young girl.  Basulto not only confronts the daily obstacles of trying to raise his daughter, together with his wife, in a country with such scarcity and rationing, but he has also decided to publicly oppose and confront the Cuban dictatorship, joining various dissident groups such as the Pedro Luis Boitel Movement.  Such a posture has cost him serious impediments such as detentions, threats, and other violations, one of the most recent being that he was fired from his job for being a dissident.  His former employers allege that Denis was fired because he missed 4 days of work, days which he spent (and they know this very well) in a dungeon in the detention center of Pedernales after a politically motivated arrest.

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