For Mariela Castro, Cubans forced into prostitution is a laughing matter

Cuban dictator Raul Castro’s daughter is a worldwide celebrity of sorts. For the past year or so, Mariela Castro has been been the recipient of positive press coverage throughout the world. As the director of the Castro regime’s National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), Ms. Castro is portrayed as a compassionate social progressive for her modern views of human sexuality and her supposed embrace of gay rights on the island and in the world. In reality, Mariela Castro only cares about Mariela Castro. She is a child of privilege, an elitist, who uses the public office bestowed upon her by her dictator father and tyrannical uncle to endear herself to a world all too willing to ignore the repression and despotism she represents and defends.

Few things illustrate the elitist Ms. Castro’s utter disdain and lack of compassion for the Cuban people and the misery they suffer than a remark she makes in this interview with Radio Netherlands. At the 1:35 mark of the video, Mariela Castro enjoys a hearty laugh at the expense of Cuban women who are forced to prostitute themselves by exchanging sex with construction workers in order to fix a bathroom because they have no money. The vile repulsiveness of the Castro dictatorship’s elite cannot be made any clearer.

To the women in Cuba who are forced to sell their bodies in order to feed and clothe their families, have running water in a bathroom or a stove that works to somehow ease the suffering from the misery of living under a brutal and merciless tyranny, this is shameful and demeaning tragedy. To Mariela Castro, however, it is a source of laughter.

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7 thoughts on “For Mariela Castro, Cubans forced into prostitution is a laughing matter”

  1. Sure it’s funny. Those low-life slaves are a laugh riot. Just like in the Old South. But underneath it all, they’re happy as clams. They know how lucky they are to have Massah run things, the poor incompetent creatures. Now they can even cross-dress in public, as long as they give due credit to Massah (or at least Massah’s kinfolk). Is that a great deal or what? And maybe they’ll even get to have official, legalized whorehouses like those in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, so they can serve tourists better and turn a nice profit for Massah and the Revolution.

  2. Well, maybe she can have a stint at the job in Amsterdam’s red light district a see how she likes it.Better yet, try foreign tourists in Cuba, but of course she doesn’t need the money or any service, she can have them all for free, all Cubans pay her way.

  3. The amazing thing is the utter shamelessness. Remember, one of the justifications of the robolucion is that it rid Cuba of prostitution. One of castro’s propagandist selling points was that he rehabilitated the prostitutes. He took them out of the streets and taught them trades.

    But of course, Mariela is given a free pass. If Ileana Ros-Lehtinen had flippantly laughed at the plight of women who have to sleep with handymen so that they can fix their bathrooms, the National Organization of Women would be asking for her had.

    By the way, where is N.O.W.? Opps, I forgot, Mariela gets a free pass, she’s seen as liberal, progressive and gay-friendly.

  4. Being the supportive daughter of an egotistical fraud, a thief, a slavish oppressor, and an obnoxious psychopathic good for nothing imbecile who till this day keeps killing, oppressing, obstructing, lying, exploiting, and robbing the Cuban nation of its spirit and potential what is this shameless cunt doing carelessly traveling around the world. That is my question and that my friends, is part of our problem. That is why, as of me, the CANF can go sell ice-cream if it wants money and see if at least it’s good for that.

    After ruining the Cuban economy by expropriating it all, criminalizing private property, and basically destroying 500 years of development all to unpardonably bound Cubans to dependency, stagnation, and misery to the point where an engineer is better off as a waiter, after all this egotistical destruction and economic ineptitude, this worthless cunt has no better idea nor any better interest than how to run whore houses.

    I mean, part of me wants to laugh but the part, the one that would put them all against an execution wall, simply doesn’t allow it. It really says a lot of the Castro family, how much they truly care for Cuba, and their true qualifications for running a country.

  5. These people have no shame, no scruples, no honor, NOTHING that would get in the way of getting and keeping absolute power. That’s all that really matters, and besides, they have plenty of apologists and enablers all over the place, so it’s not as if they have to be especially careful. It’s all a rigged, rotten game and everybody knows it, but they keep playing anyway, and they’ll keep doing it as long as it pays and they can get away with it. Hell, it’s been over 50 years, so why shouldn’t they be brazen?

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