‘I am the other Cuba’: Italian documentary on Laura Pollan captures a mysterious ‘accident’ on film

Italian filmmaker Pierantonio Maria Micciarelli traveled to Cuba to film a documentary on Laura Pollan and the Ladies in White. After meeting with Laura and the rest of the peaceful opposition women in Cuba, Micciarelli made this interesting and profound statement (my translation):

“When I was young, I was fascinated by the myth of the revolution, but being in Cuba, I saw another face and another reality.”

In the following video there is a clip from Micciarelli’s documentary where he is interviewing Laura Pollan in the backseat of a car as they travel down the road. Suddenly, the car mysteriously swerves and crashes, all while the camera is rolling. Although no one was hurt in the accident, the driver tells Micciarelli he has serious doubts what had just happened was an “accident.” When asked if he thought the accident was provoked, the driver responded:

“It was deliberate, I have no doubt. Above all, it is a message they are sending. Perhaps the purpose was not homicide, but if they all died… oh well.”

H/T Baracutey Cubano

1 thought on “‘I am the other Cuba’: Italian documentary on Laura Pollan captures a mysterious ‘accident’ on film”

  1. The horrible thing is that despite the regime’s known disregard for human rights, despite the documented executions, imprisonments and disappearances, the MSM accepts the tyranny’s version of Laura Pollan’s death as coincidental, just like they would dismiss this accident as merely an accident and not something orchestrated by the regime.

    Remember, they call the people who partake in acts of repudiation against the Ladies in White as opponents of the ladies, not state security agent which is what they are.

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