The Cuban Resistance and the Occupy Movement

Notes from the Cuban Exile Corner examines the differences in media coverage of the Cuban Resistance and the Occupy Movement:

The Cuban Resistance and the Occupy Movement: Seeking justice on parallel paths

Divide et impera [Divide and conquer] – Julius Caesar
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere – Martin Luther King Jr.

Civic Resistance in Havana in 1994 and Occupy Wall Street in New York City in 2011

Today and tonight the world knows about arrests and demonstrations broken up by the police with reference to the Occupy movement but how many know about what has taken place in Cuba, just 90 miles away from US shores at the same time? New bureaus in Cuba are intimidated by the regime authorities into not fully reporting what is taking place because if they do they face expulsion from the country. The main way to learn what is taking place in Cuba is to follow Cuban activists and bloggers over twitter and that is still limited.


The comparison between the two is made here because today in a reply to an article in Women’s E-News on women marching and protesting in Cuba there was a comment left that sought to down play what was taking place in Cuba drawing comparisons with the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS). The OWS doesn’t need anyone to explain to it how an adversary will attempt to slander and libel a movement, but the Cuban democratic opposition has been the victim of a specially heinous campaign.

When 24-year old Scott Olsen had his skull fractured by a projectile in Oakland, California in the midst of the police breaking up an Occupy Oakland protest on October 25 ,2011 the news was broadcast throughout the country and around the world and widely denounced. But what of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia who was beaten up by the political police for speaking out in a public park on May 5, 2011, required hospitalization, then died three days later. The news circled the world but was blacked out in Cuba.

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