Cuban Exiles: We are the 10% — OCCUPY CUBA

I just love this “we are the XX%, Occupy [insert location here]” movement! I don’t think its originators had any notion it would apply so perfectly to a communist dictatorship most of them revere and admire.

Via Uncommon Sense:

In exile, Cubans are the 10 percent

In telling her story with this poster, my friend Patsy Feliciano tells the story of all Cuban exiles, regardless of when or how they left their home. Despite our differences, what we have in common is that we can’t and/or won’t go home until Cuba is free of the dictatorship that has ravaged it for almost 53 years.

We are the 10 percent.

To join the 10 percent, and the 99 percent in Cuba oppressed by the Castro dictatorship, visit