Perspectives of a Russian Immigrant

Unfortunately, the perspectives of the Cuban people are too similar to the perspectives of a Russian immigrant.

Via Investors Business Daily:

Perspectives Of A Russian Immigrant, No. 19


Old-time Socialist leaders, the ruling 1% in the USSR, would be jealous of the Internet snitch sites set up by the Obama administration. And the ability to corral herds of mindless followers using online social sites is a great achievement of the modern American Left.

The old-time socialists had to rely on snail mail to report on colleagues and neighbors. They had to travel and imbed agitators in local communities in order to organize. They developed merciless strategies and propaganda to make 99% of the population surrender their liberties and became servants of the state.

The “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is an amazing sight in the middle of Manhattan in New York. According to these modern-day “revolutionaries,” if you do not belong to the 1% of “millionaires and billionaires,” then you are the part of the 99% abused by capitalist society. The only way to fix this inequality is to join forces to eliminate unjust wealth distribution.

One Of The Lucky 99%

As an immigrant from a socialist country, I for some reason don’t feel abused by the 1% of American “millionaires and billionaires.” Instead, I feel lucky to live in the USA.

Countries in which the population is divided into the 1% and 99% exist. I emigrated from such a country. There, the 1% of the rich were represented by the group, who, in the name of the faceless masses (the collective good), had control over the lives of 99% of the people.

The result: 99% of the citizens in such countries are powerless to change anything in their lives, and subsist on an income lower than most welfare checks in America.

I do not see this country divided into two groups (the 1% vs. the 99%). While poverty indeed exists in the USA, most people at least have the opportunity to improve their lives. And even in America, it is government control that has led to impoverished communities. Incompetent government interference into the dynamic free-market economy has an extremely negative effect on the economy and, as a result, on the life of the middle class.

Marching To Serfdom

Dazed “occupiers” are lemmings, willfully marching their way to serfdom. They repeat the sound bites of their invisible puppet-masters, whose goal is to create the 1%-99% society.

It is not a coincidence that totalitarian regimes around the world, like China, Iran, Venezuela and their acolytes within American society, such as the Socialist Party USA, endorse Occupy Wall Street.

It’s no wonder that the anti-Semitic motives are part of this movement. Anti-semitism is an ever-present component of totalitarian regimes, and is used to redirect the attention of the mob from failing policies of the government.

There is no parallel between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movements. There is no parallel in the fight to save liberty for this and future generations of Americans and the march to serfdom.

• Kunin lived in the Soviet Union until 1980, working as a civil engineer. She is now a retired software developer living in Connecticut. The other articles she has written for IBD can be found at