Is This The Hope or The Change?


Make no mistake, a large percentage of these constant squatters are professional anarchist protesters, much the same that travel the world to make trouble at the G-Summits. They are not indigenous to the cities, in many cases. Another thing, they are trying to claim the violence and vandalism was perpetrated by Oakland cops disguised as anarchists. SERIOUSLY?

The mayor of Oakland needs to be held accountable for this by the citizens of Oakland and the business there. And not to feel left out Occupy Seattle got busy too.

I want to hear the MSM try to spin this as somebody else’s fault, other than the squatters and those bussing in to assist them, and try to sell to the American people how it’s just a couple bad apples in the bunch. They had better think long and hard before saying the words “Occupy” and TEA Party in the same breath ever again…

More coverage and photos and videos at Big Government, Weasel Zippers and Michelle Malkin.

Remember, Obama and select democrat leaders have come out publicly in support of this. In for a penny … In for a pound. As are these people:

Did she say “shutting down the schools“??

4 thoughts on “Is This The Hope or The Change?”

  1. Well,

    Current POTUS and the MSM sided with these characters and provided legitimacy to their cause from the start. There is the main clue where Obama wants to take our country.

    Obama, the Democrats and the MSM wanted to turn these OWS character into their “Tea Party” version failing to understand that allying with these crappy characters could come back to haunt them big time.

    Now the situation is slowly getting out of their control and I wonder how it will end.

    Maybe this is the best it can happen because it will open more American people’s eyes to the reality that Barack Hussein Obama must not be reelected next year.

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