Castro officials arrest train conductor and crew involved in accident

In the Castro “judicial” system, guilt or innocence is irrelevant. The outcome of this trial and the fate of these men depends not on evidence, testimony, or the rule of law, but on what is most convenient and expedient for the Cuban regime.

Via Fox News Latino:

Cuba arrests the conductor and three members of his crew in train collision

A conductor and three members of his crew were arrested after a collision between two trains that left 33 people injured, three of them seriously, Cuban authorities said.

A freight train headed west toward Pinar del Rio and an eastbound passenger train with 110 travelers aboard ran into each other Wednesday morning near the campus of Havana’s Jose Antonio Echeverria University, the Transport Ministry said in a statement.

Investigators’ preliminary finding blamed the accident on the freight train’s failure to yield to the other train.

The freight train’s conductor and three of his crew “are in custody and at the disposal of the judicial organs,” the ministry said.

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