Al-Qaeda’s Cuban Connection

Toby Westerman in Renew America:

Al-Qaeda’s Cuban connection: terrorism with a Latin beat

Recent news of a Cuban national arrested apparently acting in sympathy with Al-Qaeda and earlier reports of Cubans working with Al-Qaeda operatives in the Western Sahara region of Morocco only hint at an on-going and highly developed link between Havana and fundamentalist Islam, including the terror group responsible for the devastating 9-11 attacks on American soil, Al-Qaeda.

Cuban intelligence, one of the best spy services in the world, appears to have established close contact with Al-Qaeda through Pakistani contacts in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, according to an analysis of a veteran Cuba watcher and former Counterintelligence officer. A working relationship between Havana and fundamentalist Islam in one of the most volatile regions of the world threatens the lives of U.S. service personnel and those who cooperate with them.

In an exclusive interview with International News Analysis Today, Chris Simmons, a retired Counterintelligence Special Agent with 28 years service in the Army/Army Reserve and 25 with the Defense Intelligence Agency, tied the stationing of high-level Cuban intelligence operatives in Pakistan with Al-Qaeda personnel operating in the region. Simmons has briefed members of Congress on the Cuban intelligence threat, including members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“I don’t have definitive proof, but abundant circumstantial evidence points to Cuba and Al-Qaeda assisting each other in Islamabad,” Simmons stated.

Havana and fundamentalist Islam are no strangers. The terror group Hamas is reported to have a presence in the Cuban capital, and Communist Cuba has close contacts with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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