Carlos the Jackal: ‘Fidel killed more people than me’

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

International communist terrorist says Fidel Castro killed more people than me

“I’m a professional revolutionary.” – Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, a.k.a Carlos the Jackal, on trial in Paris for murders and terror bombings, November 7, 2011

Warfare is a tool of revolutionaries. The important thing is the revolution! The important thing is the revolutionary cause … Fidel Castro, Memorial service for Che Guevara, October 8, 1967

Carlos the Jackal inspired by Fidel Castro

International terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, also known as Carlos the Jackal, who went on trial in France on Monday, boasted in an interview with the daily El Nacional of committing more than 100 attacks that claimed up to 2,000 lives explaining that:

With the means that I have in jail I began to make a rough account and the dead do not reach 2,000. Less than 10% of innocents suffered for it.

Later in the same interview when questioned about the attacks and asked if mistakes were made Ramírez Sánchez gave a candidly brutal answer:

Reporter – But then you, personally, believe that you were not mistaken in anything?
Ramírez Sánchez– Errors one commits all the time. President Chavez makes mistakes and thats normal, it is not a serious problem. Fidel Castro made ??terrible mistakes.

Reporter- But people were killed in your attacks.
Ramírez Sánchez – Yes, but Fidel killed more people than me.

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7 thoughts on “Carlos the Jackal: ‘Fidel killed more people than me’”

  1. “Fidel killed more people than me” He certainly did. Never thought I’d find myself in agreement with Carlos the Jackal.

  2. Wow! Must say that I’m er, uh, “surprised” that castro killed more people than Carlos the Jackal. Never would have THUNG IT! By the way, as Asombra brought up, the Windsor tie thingie is pretty chic for a “revolutionary.”

    Oh, well, I’m just a gusano, what do I know? I guess its the same reason that that other “great revolutionary” castro has billion dollar Swiss bank accounts, dozens of mansions all over Havana and a private passenger plane worth $100,000,000! You know, it’s a “revolutionary thing! I wouldn’t know.

  3. Fidel has killed more people than anyone serving a life sentence for murder, okay. More importantly, he didn’t do it to save Cuba from crap nor to benefit it in any way. The fraudulent egomaniac did it out of treason from his part and to oppress.

    To start, the man was never a Cuban military figure but one who bought his own uniform, he never had a job for that matter, and always lived out of others money. The man was nothing more than a well-off brat, a fraud, a national thief, and an egomaniac who took over a nation lying. He subsequently pimped it, ransacked it, carelessly destroyed it, and turned it into a dystopian sect-camp. That is why Fidel killed and that is Fidel’s true legacy.

    Furthermore, he has not only killed more innocent people than Carlos who is in jail, he has robbed, kidnapped, assaulted, trafficked arms to other foreign criminal groups, ordered his military to drown his own woman and children at sea, you name it. And yet, while anyone would be tried and put into jail for doing 1/100 of any of this, this man who has created a system to do it in mass scale is clapped, smiled at, received by foreign officials, has Canadians and Western Europeans carelessly financing his hotels, restaurants, you name it.

    That is the world we live in, that’s the left, that’s hypocrites, miserables, and trash of people and that is also why when it comes to lectures of international morality and U.N. shamelessness I really couldn’t care less.

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