Cuba’s fabricated concern for sustainable development

The pile of mierda from official sources in Cuba gets higher every day.  Now that Cubans can supposedly buy and sell cars and real estate, it seems they now also need to respect the image of their cities.  (The article is printed on toilet paper;  I won’t link, but you know where to find it.)

Cuba, to encourage tourism and to cover up the true nature of their criminal dictatorship, pretends to promote sustainable urban development to the politically correct blind to reality eco-idiots.  The official architect, titled executive and scientific secretary at the 14th International Convention on Territorial and Urban Development held in Havana declares:

When undertaking urban renewal, we must be careful not to damage the environment and the image of our cities.   To this end, we must respect and abide by building codes, he continued. Despite 76 percent of Cuban territory is urban, forum participants called for more stimulus to rural areas, since agriculture is indispensable for the national food production sector.

 Building codes?  What building codes?  Ask residents of ciudad centro about building codes.  I doubt these are on the official Havana architectural tour:



 Not to mention the dwellings of those not on the official housing recipient list:


The official statement, even when programmed for an international audience, or perhaps because of,  can’t help but reveal the truth:

 In this spirit, the architect urged people to become more aware on the importance of responsible and organized urban development. He also called for implementing more efficient control mechanisms to ensure all building operations are carried out in compliance with established regulations.  (My emphasis)

 Speaking of regulations and food production, I wonder, is eating lobster in Cuba still a crime?

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  1. Ziva, its just like everything else in Cuba, it’s one lie piled on top of another. The regime is a perfect reflection of castro and his grotesque existence of perfidy, treachery, and utter falsehood.

    What is saddest is that the tyranny is painfully aware that it need not actually execute any change, all that it has to do is publish a press release that it is going to do A] or B], or if it is more ambitious like it has done when addressing ecological and architectural/patrimonial matters is to publish a study or convene a symposium where it claims that it is concerned with Cuba’s fauna and flora [little does it matter that castro continues to destroy it] or that the regime is restoring Cuba’s architecture that the boogy-man Batista allegedly destroyed [even though any cursory observation of 1950’s film footage compared to the present would disprove that accusation immediately].

    The useful fools, the politically correct, the sympathizers, and supporters out of convenience [i.e. those that don’t want to lose their Cuba visiting privileges] in the MSM and in academia fall in perfect line and repeat the lies in American newspapers, magazines, TV and scholarly journals.

    Just look at otherwise respectful periodicals like National Geographics, they’ve had front and multi-page articles praising Cuba for its ecological advances and its restoration of Havana’s architecture when the fact is that the regime has utterly destroyed both.

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