Joe Frazier, RIP

Many of us pine for the glory days of boxing because it’s pretty much crap now. Then again, I’m old, cranky and grumpy, and see everything from my youth in a golden light.

Thanks, Joltin’ Joe, for giving us some of the most memorable fights in history. Rest in Peace.

3 thoughts on “Joe Frazier, RIP”

  1. No, you are right, a lot of things are crap now and not just boxing. Your observation is a valid one and not a sentiment that solely pertains to nostalgia and age. Music, car designs, boxing, even the bikinis are lamer than those high cut ones of the 80s and 90s. Technology is superior but in general I can certainly say that artistic wise these days are pretty mediocre and insignificant.

    In regards to Joe Frazier, I give it to him for not being a resented clown who ventured off into extremist elements like Ali. He was a real fighter, a solid man, and one who never forgot his roots.

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