A Salute to Our Veterans


I had the privilege and honor this past year of meeting some exceptional men and women of our armed forces at the Wounded Warrior Support Center at Brooke Army Medical Center while participating in two events with Cooking with the Troops. (The word “exceptional” falls way short in describing these young men and women as they are so much much more.) It truly is hard to fathom – and moreso to try to describe – the sacrifices our servicemen and women make on our behalf.

But, having spent some time with some of our Warriors this year I can say this without qualm or compunction: The men and women of our Armed Forces are this Nation’s greatest asset and representative of the absolute best this country has to offer.

It is with our sincerest gratitude and most profound admiration and respect that we salute our Veterans today. Past, present and future. Your sacrifices are our freedoms.

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