Cuban Catholic Church calls on Communist Party to institute changes

The Catholic Church in Cuba wants changes, and one would think they would look to prominent Christian leaders in Cuba such as Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet or Oswaldo Paya to help bring about those changes that include more freedom and liberty on the island. Instead, the Church in Cuba is to turning to Cuba’s atheistic communist party, the one that violates the human rights of every Cuba, to carry out these changes:

Church says real reform in Cuba must start with Communist Party

The Catholic magazine Espacio Laical considers that any reform in Cuba that seeks to be truly significant must start with the ruling Communist Party, which it asked not to lose the chance at its next national conference to create “substantial changes.”

“In Cuba, any reform aspiring to be significant has to include political innovation, and that will not happen if it doesn’t start with the PCC (as the party is known), the organization called to lead the way with the changes all of us must carry out,” Espacio Laical says in an editorial appearing in this week’s edition.

The magazine warns that no reform can be successful “without a political force doing the work of building consensus based on the country as it really is.”

“We urge the First National Conference of the PCC, in this final phase of the so-called historic generation that will outline substantial changes and call on the people to make them a reality, not to waste this opportunity,” Espacio Laical said.

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  1. For crying out loud. This is asking the zebra to change its stripes. It CANNOT. Remember Gorbachev and how that turned out? The Castro people NEVER forget that.

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