Edgar Terán: R.I.P.


I received the sad news yesterday that Edgar Terán had died suddenly and unexpectedly this past Tuesday, November 15th. I never had the pleasure and honor of meeting the former Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs and ambassador to the U.S., but from what I was told by his dear friends, he was a giant among men. A passionate lover of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, Terán was persecuted in his own country when he dared to challenge and face down the flagrant disregard for the law and tyranny of Rafael Correa. Charges of treason by the corrupt Correa regime were brought against him, but Terán continued to enjoy the support of the Ecuadorian people because they knew he had nothing but a passionate love for freedom and for Ecuador.

The world has one less giant to look up to, and one less defender of liberty and and the rule of law. But the memory of Edgar Terán and his courage and many good works while he was with us will continue to inspire those who love freedom, and challenge those who want to enslave us.

May he rest in peace.

A report on his death in HOY (in Spanish).