Cuba Housing ‘Reform’: Another farce exposed

And the hits just keep on coming…

Jose Palli exposes another Castro regime farcical reform in the Miami Herald:

The coming real estate ‘market’ in Cuba

Recently, we have heard and read all kind of assessments of the new measures Cuba has taken on housing rights for its citizens.

After 50 years of self-imposed isolation from most things Cuban, it is not surprising that Americans and Cuban Americans alike seem to be confused with what this new Cuban law ( Decreto Ley 288) means, for Cubans and for the United States. We long ago decided Cuba is a lawless country, so why bother getting acquainted with its laws.

Well, I just finished reading this new Cuban law in effect from Nov. 10 and I must confess my original enthusiasm is sorely deflated.

For one, there is no change in Cuban Property Law. Cuban substantive property law remains unaltered. All the new law does is modify a few articles in the Cuban Housing Law ( Ley General de la Vivienda), not its Constitution or even its Civil Code.

Those who claim that Cuba now allows private property rights either fail to understand how Cuban law has for years defined its citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed right to housing — propiedad personal over one “permanently occupied” place of abode — or fail to discern how far this right remains from what we call private property.

Nor is ownership of vacation homes anything new.

There is no sign that Cubans will be able to secure loans with their houses anytime soon. The old maxim laid down by one of the authors of Cuba’s first housing law, “Housing is to live in, not to live from,” remains firmly in place, meaning Cubans who crave a new, extra-thin, Blu-ray, HD, 3D TV set will still have to save for it.

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