The Castro Dictatorship goes into Desperation Mode

With the economic “reforms” in Cuba exposed for the farce that they are, the Castro dictatorship is now going into Desperation Mode. The regime’s stranglehold on power and the cash needed to finance it is teetering on the brink of collapse. No further proof of this vulnerability is needed than the increasing violence and repression taking place against the growing opposition movement on the island.

The cosmetic reforms announced by the Cuba regime were supposed to flood the island with hard currency. But as each reform is exposed and discredited, their perverse return on investment continues to diminish. Unsure of how they will continue to finance the machine of repression that keeps the Castro monarchical dictatorship in place, the regime has enlisted its supporters outside the island to help drum up some cash.

Think tank advocates international support for Cuba

The international development community, especially financial institutions like the IMF and World Bank, and the United States should reach out to communist Cuba as it pursues economic reforms and bring it “in from the cold,” a new think tank report says.

The report published by the Brookings Institution in Washington says incipient economic reforms set in motion by Cuban President Raul Castro should be encouraged by the world’s economic policy makers because history suggests that such reforms can foster political pluralism.


Come on – Cuba needs help, not hindrance to progress

Cuba’s recent liberalisation of markets in private homes and automobiles suggests that the forces of economic reform are gaining momentum on the Caribbean island. This is good news not only for ordinary Cubans but also for the international community and the US – all of whom should be placing their weight firmly behind the reformist factions. Now is the time for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to begin to assist the Cuban economic transition.

This propaganda offensive is a tactic borne out of desperation, and one that proves that the last thing you want to give a voracious and murderous monster dying of starvation is more food.

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  1. Right now, pretty much everybody has financial problems. And they’re supposed to help a confirmed deadbeat parasite? Makes sense to me.

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