Repression: It’s what’s for breakfast every day in Cuba

In Cuba, the breakfast menu never changes. For that matter, the lunch and dinner menus remain the same every single day as well. Courtesy of the tyrannical Castro dictatorship, Cubans awake every morning to a heaping bowlful of repression. The rest of the day’s meals offer no variety either since there is only one item on the Castro regime’s menu: REPRESSION. It is served hot, cold, in stews, as a sandwich, as an appetizer, and as a dessert. Repression is the only available midday snack for Cubans, and if they are having trouble falling asleep, a warm glass of repression is always available.

And for those Cubans who do not have a taste for repression or have grown tired of having it served to them every day for more than five decades, they get a double serving:

Last Thursday in Guantanamo, Cuba, independent journalist and CIHPRESS correspondent Enyor Diaz Allen was arrested by Castro State Security. The Castro regime has not given a reason for his arrest, but he is one of those Cubans who is tired of eating repression every day, and this is no doubt his extra portion of the stuff.
Enyor Diaz Allen

In Bayamo, Cuba, political prisoner Ariel Arzuaga Peña was forced to begin a hunger strike in order to protest his extra daily servings of repression. Arzuaga Peña is very sick, but the Castro prison officials are refusing to provide him with medical attention. With his health deteriorating, he feels he has no choice but to initiate a hunger strike. So far, the only response from the Castro dictatorship is to bring him a triple-helping of repression.
Ariel Arzuaga Peña

Today’s Repression menu review courtesy of Uncommon Sense.