Guillermo Fariñas calls on new Spanish government to ‘denounce’ Castro dictatorship

Via ELMUNDO.ES (my translation):

Guillermo Fariñas: The next Spanish government should ‘denounce’ Cuba

Cuban opposition activist Guillermo Fariñas accused the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of having been an “accomplice” in the violation of human rights of the Cuban people, and he urged the new Spanish leader to come out of the shadows and “denounce” the authorities on the island. “The Cuban government is preparing itself because it will have, as all signs seem to indicate, a government in Spain who will not be its accomplice,” said the 49-year-old psychologist in a telephone statement given to the news agency dpa from the city of Santa Clara in central Cuba.

“They know that a series of demands from the new Spanish government are coming, and the position that Rodriguez Zapatero wanted for Spain will not be possible to maintain, the one where Cuba was viewed as an extraordinary case and its violations of human rights had to be accepted because it was just a question of an idiosyncrasy,” added Fariñas, who received in 2010 the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought from the European Parliament.

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