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Gloria Estefan in an interview with Spain’s ABC on what she expects from Cuba (my translation):

“I don’t expect anything from Cuba. We have been waiting for 52 years and just look at the situation there. Whatever is good for them will be good for me. I believe that changes will arrive when networks within society consolidate, but it has to be done how they want it done. I don’t want to make anything off Cuba, or take anything away… If they want my help, they can tell me how I can help. For now, they should not lose faith.”

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  1. Liberal speak…whatever is good for them is good for me…really?
    I dont want to make anything of Cuba or take anything away…Really?
    I guess staying nuetral is in her best interests….don’t want to offend anyone right Gloria? Estupida…maybe you can setup another Obama fundraiser and support the other black man running for office..want to cover all your bases.

  2. She had a chance to slam the castro regime, but like all middle of the roaders, she stayed middle of the road. Lack of convictions

  3. What a great non-answer. Gloria’s not particularly talented, never has been; but her PR machine is certainly adept at using causes like Elian and the Damas de Blanco to pad her bank account; too bad she’s become morally bankrupt in the process.

  4. She’s entitled to her opinion, like any Cuban, but her opinion is NOT any more important than any other Cuban’s. She is NOT anybody’s elected spokesperson or representative on Cuba issues. Of course the media will ask her to address the topic, but she can only speak for herself, which is fine, as long it remains quite clear that’s ALL she’s doing, and that she has NO special qualifications for doing so.

    As for reading between the lines of what she says, yes, we can all do that well enough, maybe too well, but, in a way, we’re part of the “Estefan problem.” She and her husband have been given an importance they never had, neither as entertainment people nor as “icons” of Cubanhood, especially the latter (except, perhaps, by default). That is not really their doing, even if they’ve chosen to wear that mantle and benefit from it. We need to be a little, no, make that a LOT more discerning and rigorous. It’s sort of like all the hype and fuss over Versailles in Miami: I not only don’t buy it, but I find it embarrassing. I do NOT want any non-Cuban to think that’s the best Cuban food or the best we can do in terms of a restaurant. It’s clearly overrated or oversold–so get over it already.

    And by the way, I’m not competing with George for the title of Most Hardnosed. He can keep it. I try to defer to the elderly.

  5. And Gigi, remember, we’re not talking profound here. This is a LONG way from Carlos Eire. As in another universe.

  6. Actually, in defense of Gloria, I believe that she’s finally succumbed to the ‘non-issue’ that Cuba has become in this country. After 52 years of constant angst with no results to show for a non-strategy that this country has employed towards the supposed ending to the longest-of-runs of a House of Horrors that is only 90 short miles away, who can blame anyone? In conclusion, by what I have seen transpire throughout the world these past 12 months, and seeing the actions of this very own country, I think that anyone who falls short of calling for an outright invasion of Cuba by anti-Castro forces to liquidate anyone who stands in the way of freedom and liberation of that country, should be called ‘middle of the roaders’.

  7. Gloria Estefan really gets on my nerves. Unlike Paquito D’Rivera, Amaury Gutierrez, Willie Chirino, Lissette, Pitbull, etc…, she tiptoes ever so lightly over the Cuba issue that she comes out on the side of the tyranny. I once saw her being interviewed by a Brit who started cracking jokes about Cuba being famous for fidel castro, Gloria Estefan and cigars [or Desi Arnaz, I can’t remember which of the two] and her reply was, “well, that’s not bad for such a small island!” Instead of taking the opportunity to say something against the tyrant, she let the opportunity go unanswered. Then I saw another interview about Elian and she again dropped the ball when she basically agreed with the raid. Mine you. this was after she spoke on behalf of Elian at that rally right before he was kidnapped by Clinton’s/Reno’s goons. But you know how it is with her, always playing both sides.

    Her only concern is sales, sales and sales. Unfortunately, the young Gloria Estefan Miami Sound Machine days is no more, in its place is an aging diva who can’t hit a note even if you stick it on her nose, and who’s primary concern is her business empire worth millions.

    Which leads me to how she lent herself out to the Miami Herald when that music industry organization was boycotted in Miami because Cuba was going to send representatives. Her reply was to write a letter to the Miami Herald critiquing our intolerance. Needless to say, the Miami Herald had a field day with that letter.

    Her Bahia de Cocinos Veteran father must be turning in his grave.

  8. “Her Bahia de Cocinos Veteran father must be turning in his grave.”


    He’s practicing somersaults for the 2012 Heaven Olympics.

    With a daughter like that what can I say other that fame and money corrupt many…

  9. Ray, the term “diva” is now meaningless from indiscriminate use, but let’s not add to the problem. Estefan simply doesn’t qualify. Neither do the vast majority of so-called divas currently on the scene. Not even close. Wannabe divas don’t count–they’re a dime a dozen, merely poseurs, and those who buy them as the real deal simply don’t know what that is. The key error is that it’s about attitude, regardless of true merit or real worth. Attitude, like talk, is dirt cheap. I’ve seen attitude like you wouldn’t believe in people who have NOTHING going on for them, nothing to offer. As I said above, we should all be more rigorous.

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