Spanish Conservatives trounce Socialist party in national elections

The results of yesterday’s national elections in Spain sent shock waves throughout Europe and the world. The conservative PP party trounced the ruling socialist party, the PSOE. On one faraway island in the Caribbean, however, the outcome was especially disconcerting. The dictatorship of the Castro brothers in Cuba lost an important ally and supporter when the socialist PSOE party was resoundingly rejected at the voting booth by Spanish voters. After enjoying years of support and consistent lobbying in the European Union from the PSOE, it seems the Castro regime has now lost not only an ally, but a Spanish government that was more than willing to be complicit with them in the systematic repression and enslavement of the Cuban people.

Only time will tell if Spain’s new leadership will have the courage and the character to rectify the harm done to the Cuban people by Spain’s immoral socialist government. One thing is for certain, though; the Castro dictatorship has lost an irreplaceable ally in Europe.

Via the UK’s Daily Mail:

Spanish conservatives win landslide victory as another European election turns on economic woes

Spain’s opposition conservatives swept commandingly into power last night as voters enduring a 21.5 per cent unemployment rate and stagnant economy spectacularly dumped the Socialist Party.

With 97 per cent of the votes from the election counted, the Popular Party, led by Mariano Rajoy, won 186 seats compared to 154 in the last legislature, while the Socialists plummeted from 169 to 110, their worst performance ever.

The PP won an absolute majority and resounding mandate from a deeply troubled electorate. It needed 176 votes for such a cushion in the lower chamber of Parliament, the main one.

More coverage of the Spanish socialists’ demise at Spain’s ELPAIS (in Spanish).

4 thoughts on “Spanish Conservatives trounce Socialist party in national elections”

  1. Spain had become increasingly irrelevant on the European scene. Everyone knew Zapatero was a joke, and his “team” was a faithful reflection of its leader. Nobody could possibly respect such a government. I’m not sure Castro, Inc. has really lost all that much Europe-wise, though it has presumably lost support Spain-wise. We’ll see.

    But make no mistake: the mess in Spain is squarely the responsibility of the voters who not only put but KEPT Zapatero and the PSOE in power. In a real democracy, there’s no such thing as bad politicians, only lousy voters.

  2. The Socialists will be back next election. Just watch. Oh sure, we’ll read momentous comments about a “turning of the Tide!”–“Socialism Kaput!” etc. We read such stuff at home in ’94 with the “Newt Congressional Revolution!” we read and hear about them in Latin America and Europe twice a decade. But the Socialists are always voted back in. Human nature is constant…

    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Ben Franklin

  3. The Spanish people screwed themselves. Zapatero should never have been re-elected. Those responsible for that have no excuse, just as there will be no excuse for anybody who votes for Obama in 2012 if he wins a second term. And I mean NONE.

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