Newt vs. Romney: 1994

All credit to William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection who posted these two videos.

The first is of a much younger but still white haired Newt Gingrich telling a skeptical reporter how he planned to win the House of Representatives for the Republican party for the first time in 42 years, by outlining a contract with American people, a contract that delineated 10 items the congress would vote on, if not pass, if the GOP did in fact win.

And the second is a much younger, with no gray hair, Mitt Romney who was running for Senate at the time saying the contract approach was a mistake because if it worked it would create a winning side (Republicans) and a losing side (Democrats) and he doesn’t like winners and losers in Washington.

I’ve seen everything I have to see, while one man was planning and executing one of the most impressive political victories in Republican history, the other was shooting the idea down because Republicans winning the majority would hurt bipartisanship.

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