Human Rights Activists arrested in Santiago, Cuba for distributing pamphlets with UN Declaration of Human Rights

On Hablalo Sin Miedo, former political prisoner and independent journalist Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia reports from Cuba that several human rights activists in Santiago de Cuba were attacked and arrested by agents of the Castro political police for distributing pamphlets printed with the UN Declaration of Human Rights. In spite of all the magnanimous “reforms” of dictator Raul Castro, it is still a crime in Cuba for its citizens to speak or express support for universal human rights.

Unfortunately, this news will receive nary a mention by the international media, and you certainly will not hear one “Cuba Expert” even acknowledge that this incident, or any incident like this, ever takes place on the island. The media has subordinated itself to the Castro dictatorship, and the expertise of the “Cuba Experts” is strictly limited to the promotion, advocacy, and defense of the criminal and murderous Castro dictatorship.

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