Why the Castro regime has stayed in power for so long: Reason #14,719


Via Punt de Vista, another reason why the Castro dictatorship has been able to remain in power for more than a half-century.

My translation:

‘Cubainformación’: not with my tax dollars
On several occasions on this blog, we have talked about Cubainformacion, a pro-Castro propaganda platform in Spain that is run by the “NGO” Euskadi-Cuba. Thanks to an initiative from the UPyD political party, we find out today that the Basque government has given this organization more than 6-million euros in aid during the past two years. For obvious reasons, it is necessary to immediately stop the flow of public money to entities such as this, which are dedicated to protecting the interests of the regime and consequently, to disparage those both inside and outside the island who struggle to make Cuba a democracy and a fully advanced society. The Cubainformacion project can continue to operate, that is not the problem, everyone is free to defend whatever they want. But what no Spaniard should permit is that these organizations that work to impede the respect for human rights in a totalitarian country receive even one euro to carry out their activities.

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