Biting My Tongue TOLD YA SO!


Seems that whole “Arab Spring” thing is about to take a turn into a bit of a deep freeze in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party took 47% of the votes in Egypt’s election the other day, and they are now demanding the right to form the new national salvation government anticipating they won the most seats in parliament. By the way, Egypt’s radical Islamic party Al Nour came in second, with the “centrist” party in third place.

So, it is looking pretty possible Egyptians will have used their first attempt at democracy to vote themselves out of a democracy. But that is okay, because, as you know, with liberals here in the USA that pushed for this it’s the good intention that counts, not the end results (emphsis mine)…

The Obama administration is again playing down concerns about the rise of Islamist movements in Arab countries in transition, even as developments in Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Egypt indicate that the so-called “Arab spring” may leave Islamists in charge clear across North Africa

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is widely expected to dominate parliamentary elections that began without incident on Monday and will be held in three stages over the next six weeks.

“We regard these elections as a blessed portal through which Egypt shall cross safely to democracy and the transfer of power to the Egyptian people,” the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, said in a statement as the polls opened.

Asked during a briefing about the election and the possibility of Islamists winning, White House press secretary Jay Carney replied, “The fact of the matter is, the democratic process is what’s important.”

But I have every confidence an Islamist centered government based on Sharia-only Law will be tolerant of all others currently residing within Egypt.

Next up, Obama’s pandering of those previously tossed under his bus … for re-election dollars and votes of course.

Well, one good thing about my gut seeming to be right about Egypt from the start … My gut is telling me our November 2012 election will result in an unemployed Obama and his wife, The First Mooch, having to scout schools in Chicago for their girls while living in the house criminal Tony Rezko helped purchase.

It’s all very interesting, in a car wreck sorta way. Stay tuned…

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  1. It was painfully naive to expect anything much different. Especially for those whose job it is to know better.

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