Alan Gross never asked to be swapped for the 5 Cuban spies convicted in the U.S.

One has to wonder where the propaganda that Alan Gross asked to be swapped for the five Cuban spies serving prison sentences in the U.S. for espionage originated. The claim was made by an American Rabbi that visited Alan Gross last month, but now it appears to be a complete fabrication. The misinformation is being attributed to a “misunderstanding” in the conversation between Rabbi David Shneyer and Alan Gross.

Café Fuerte has the report (my translation):

Judy Gross: Alan is opposed to being swapped for the five Cuban spies

The wife of American aid worker Alan Gross, sentenced in Cuba to 15 years of prison, denied this past Thursday the recent statements that he wanted to be swapped for the five Cuban spies convicted for espionage in the U.S.

In the days leading up to the second anniversary of the American aid worker’s arrest by Cuban authorities, Judy Gross agreed to an interview with Café Fuerte where she clears up the misunderstanding in a conversation that took place between Rabbi David Shneyer and Alan Gross in a prison cell located at the Carlos J. Finlay hospital in Havana in early November.

“Alan has made it clear to me and others, and has since let the Rabbi know in a letter, that he has never compared himself to the Five, and that he has never advocated for such an exchange in any way,” she said.

In a message to his congregation after his trip to Havana, Shneyer, head of the Am Kolel congregation in Maryland, affirmed that Gross had told him of his desire to be exchanged for the members of the Wasp Network after learning of the recent exchange of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit for more than one thousand imprisoned Palestinians.

4 thoughts on “Alan Gross never asked to be swapped for the 5 Cuban spies convicted in the U.S.”

  1. I salute Gross and his family for this. Even if he had asked to be swapped for the spies, I wouldn’t have blamed him, all things considered (though I would certainly blame Obama for going along with such a travesty of justice). However, the fact he and his family have made a point of clarifying this is quite admirable. I’m impressed.

  2. Viva, the Gross family!….Great people! We need more like these fine folks!..As Asombra mentioned: who could possibly have blamed his bereaved wife for falling for the “Free The Cuban Five” bit? Certainly the desperate wife could be excused over every other celebrity signer. But NO!

    So: VIVA the Gross family!

  3. It’s not surprising that the mainstream media famous for chilling for the regime, somehow always publishes distorted information that is ultimately favorable to the tyranny. This happens repeatedly.

    In fact, pro-castro favoritism is so ingrained in the MSM that even in the extreme case when something unfavorable to the regime comes straight out of it’s own mouth, [as when doddering castro said that socialism hadn’t even worked in Cuba], the press later claimed that he really didn’t say that.

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