Castro dictatorship to dispatch ‘Cyber-Warriors’
Castro cyber warrior as seen at Guamá

The Castro dictatorship plans to embark on a new initiative to combat the truth by dispatching “cyber-warriors” to disseminate propaganda on the internet. All I can say is: ¡Tiranse! Vamos a ver si dan pies.

Cuba calls for “cyberdefence” of the revolution

Havana – Just days after Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez was named one of the world’s 100 ‘most influential global thinkers’ by US magazine Foreign Policy, the Cuban government is preparing for ‘active cyberdefence.’

Despite poor internet access for the average Cuban, which the authorities in Havana blame on the US embargo, Cuba is now stressing the importance of ‘occupying the web.’ The website Cubadebate, the main pro-government online news outlet, has called for a move ‘from cyberwarfare to active cyberdefence.’

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Wednesday urged more active involvement in the web and for greater defence mechanisms to fight what the island regards as the hostile attitude of major media outlets.

‘Euphoria over social networks coexists with the risk of regime change operations, which has increased, as has the threat to peace. But these dangerous conditions make it necessary and urgent for us to make those platforms our own,’ he said.

‘It is essential to have a political strategy in cyberspace.’

Rodriguez was addressing a workshop on ‘Alternative Media and Social Networks’ with participants from 12 countries, to which Sanchez complained she and other bloggers critical of the government had not been invited.

The authorities continue ‘to exclude the alternative part of (Cuba’s) blogosphere and twittosphere,’ Sanchez wrote on Twitter.