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  1. Does anyone have a link to the audio or video where the scum announces he’s Marxist-Leninist? I’m pretty sure it was made at the plaza de la revolution. I think I’ve seen it on TV before, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m just curious as to how he phrased it after lying about it for so many years beforehand.

  2. He da man (even if the bling clashes with his military costume, and I mean COSTUME). Those watches were quite possibly confiscated/stolen goods. You can bet he didn’t buy them with money he earned legitimately. Che Guevara also wore a Rolex. Imagine that. But of course there’s no hypocrisy involved. Maybe vulgar ostentation, but that’s OK. Really. As to why two Rolex watches when one would obviously suffice, it’s called overcompensation. As in, “Two status symbols mean I’m twice as much of a big shot.” But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just trying to make up for a small penis.

  3. “He da man (even if the bling clashes with his military costume, and I mean COSTUME).”

    EXACTLY! LOL! “Costume” is the right word! When was castro ever in the military? In fact, when was he ever anything other than an agitator, murderer, liar and parasite [living off his parents, in-laws, paramours and ultimately the Cuban nation]?

    That said, that’s a great observation, two rolexes. But alas, since everything about the “revolution” is a lie from start to finish, what does it matter? And, you know when it comes to Cuba, the press is blinded. Those minutia scanning reporters with their microscopes who can find a needle in a haystack, somehow fail to point out any glaring [and I mean GLARING] inconsistencies about the “Cuban revolution.”

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