Democracy Movement Flotilla readies for fireworks display off Cuban coast

Punt de Vista has the latest report on the Democracy Movement Flotilla event this December 9th (my translation):

Sixteen ships have signed on to participate in the Democracy Movement Flotilla
Five to six have already confirmed

The Democracy Movement Flotilla, which on December 9th will take a fireworks show to the coast of Cuba, will be accompanied by security personnel that will make sure none of the crews attempt to enter Cuban territorial waters. This according to the man behind the event, Ramon Saul Sanchez, who also said that various American government agencies are “worried” about the security of this event and are “collaborating” to ensure it unfolds in a secure manner. Up until now, sixteen ships have signed on to participate although only five or six have confirmed. The flotilla will leave the docks of the Key West City Marina.

Sanchez insisted that the movement will abide by its assurance not to enter Cuban waters, and, describing the group as “soldiers for the motherland, in this case civil soldiers,” he insisted that the organization will not permit a lack of discipline among the crew members. The last word will always belong to the captain that in no case will enter Cuban waters “because his boat will be confiscated and he will be arrested.”