Tampa City Officials and Business Leaders choose Castro dictatorship

Perhaps some may want to characterize the courtship of the Castro dictatorship by Tampa city officials and business leaders as an innocent attempt to drum up business for the city, but when you are dealing with a ruthless and murderous regime, innocence plays no role. The sad and disturbing truth here is that the elected officials and business leaders in Tampa have made a choice: They have chosen to side with and support the vile Castro tyranny at the expense of the Cuban people that tyranny enslaves.

There is no amount of justification or obfuscation that can hide or deny that fact. The city of Tampa is placing its money, its resources, and its support squarely behind the murderous and criminal dictatorship of the Castro brothers.

Via the Miami Herald:

Tampa business leaders hope to strengthen ties with Cuba

The first charter flight from Tampa International Airport to Cuba in nearly 50 years took off Sept. 8 — the feast day of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, Cuba’s patron saint — and since then, Tampa hasn’t quite been the same.

There has been a flurry of Cuba-related activity in the Tampa Bay area — the likes of which would be hard to imagine in South Florida — starting with the letter of friendly greetings that the Tampa City Council sent to Ricardo Alarcón, president of Cuba’s National Assembly.

Since charter service began, the president of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce says he’s planning a trip to Cuba, there’s been an invitation extended to Cuban diplomats in Washington to visit Tampa business leaders, the Tampa-based Florida Orchestra sent a contingent of musicians to Cuba on a cultural exchange and the Tampa Port Authority held a seminar on potential trade opportunities with the island.

Meanwhile, plans to try to position Tampa as the gateway for travel and trade with Cuba gain momentum in the business community.

“We think Tampa is a perfect place as a gateway city to Cuba,’’ says Rep. Kathy Castor, a Tampa Bay Democrat who has championed lifting all restrictions on travel to Cuba and lobbied hard for the Tampa charter flights.

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  1. I suppose I’ve become too jaded to be outraged, let alone surprised, by this sort of shit. For LOTS of people, business is business, period, regardless of what it involves. Then there’s also ideological affinity (or anti-exile sentiment, which should never be underestimated). The people that should clearly be the most hardnosed, rigorous and determined NOT to help Castro, Inc. are Cubans themselves. Since that is not the case for far too many Cubans, one can hardly expect better from non-Cubans. It is what it is.

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