Four prisoners of conscience from the Group of 75 imprisoned once again in Cuba

Four members from the Cuban Group of 75 activists have been imprisoned once again by the Castro dictatorship. The brutal crackdown on 75 independent journalists, librarians, and human rights activists in Cuba by the dictatorship of the Castro brothers, which took place in the spring of 2003, elicited a rare reaction from the world: outrage. So heinous was the Cuban dictatorship’s actions, so brazen was the regime’s violation of Cuban’s human rights, that the world could not remain silent. Unfortunately, these displays of worldwide outrage against the atrocities of the tyrannical dictatorship in Havana are few and far between. Since 2003, the Castro regime continues to be a brutally repressive and murderous dictatorship, but the world has chosen to look the other way from the crimes against humanity and resume its silence.

Via Uncommon Sense:

4 former Cuba Group of 75 political prisoners under arrest

The dozen members of the Group of 75 prisoners of conscience who refused forced exile as a condition of their parole knew that when the Castro regime relented and released them anyway earlier this year, they were putting themselves at risk of more repression by staying in Cuba. After eight years in the Castro gulag, they were fully aware of what might happen when they resumed their activism, but as patriots and as committed members of the cause, they were prepared for any consequences.

Those consequences have been revealed in recent days as four of the former prisoners have been arrested as part of a brutal crackdown timed with renewed efforts by anti-communist activists to take their protests to the streets and plans to commemorate International Human Rights Day on Saturday, Dec. 10.

The four are:

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia.

Ivan Hernandez Carrillo.

Angel Moya Acosta.

And most recently, Felix Navarro Rodriguez.

Their background, experience and demonstrated commitment to the cause of Cuban freedom make these four, in the eyes of the Castro dictatorship, very dangerous men, which explains recent efforts to silence them

For they are are the bravest of the brave, the freest of the free.