Repression in Cuba by numbers: November 2011

The Cuban independent news agency CIHPress has been dutifully documenting the arrests of peaceful human rights activists on the island for a while now. Every month, they release the latest statistics, which tell the story of the constant and relentless repression subjected upon Cuba’s peaceful opposition members. The trend is clear, and the picture is even more clear: Repression and human rights violations in Cuba continue to increase.

November 2011 Report

Political Arrests documented by CIHPress in 2010/ 1499
Political Arrests in 2011
Month Number of Arrests
Running Total
January 181
February 440 621
March 227 848
April 271 1119
May 274 1393
June 205 1598
July 266 1864
August 318 2182
September 486 2668
October 354 3022
November 237 3259

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