Send in The Commie Clown … Updated

(Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images)

Very early this morning at Occupy San Francisco when dozens (re-)gathered … AFTER squatters attacked police trying to clear out the encampment overnight.

Come on. Stop trying to play us here. Just admit it, and LOUDLY, what this is … what you are all about. The defeat of our republic, and replacing it with communism. Maybe if you busy bees shout it loud enough the MSM might accidentally report it in the background of trying to paint you as a noble movement/cause that has anything in common with the rest of peeved America, or the TEA Party movement.

Meanwhile, squatters in Washington DC are going on a hungar strike. Remember, this venue is where protesters used their children as shields between themselves and the DC police. I wonder if they will withhold food from those children too…

HT: Weasel Zippers

Update: Snakes-biting-faces and Ducks-quacking-walking-crapping: University professor preaches the gospel of Karl Marx to a cheering crowd #Occupy Chicago

4 thoughts on “Send in The Commie Clown … Updated”

  1. drill,

    These are the anti-American clowns that POTUS and the MSM glamorized and legitimized over the Tea Party. Their actions verify where POTUS (on complicity with the MSM) intent to take America.

    Fortunately the more these pictures and videos from these OWS Communists, Marxists, Socialist, anti-American way of life anarchists because public, the MSM (and POTUS himself) were forced to scale back their propaganda in favor of them because they knew very well it was ultimately come back to haunt them on election day.

    Whoever becomes the GOP nominee must use these pictures and videos as campaign commercials as a constant reminder to the American people who the real Barack Hussein Obama is and where he wants to take America.

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