Castro government to allow private companies to advertise in its ‘Yellow Pages’

It is being hailed as yet another stupendous and earth-shattering economic reform by the Castro dictatorship: Private companies will now be able to advertise in the Cuban government’s version of the “Yellow Pages.” Of course, while Cubans continue to be enslaved by a totalitarian dictatorship, this “reform” is about as useful to them as all the other “reforms” have been, which is to say, not at all. But the media and “Cuba Experts” will not let that nasty and inconvenient fact get in the way of their propaganda.

Nonetheless, this newest farcical reform from the Cuban regime does give our friends at Guamá an opportunity to give us a preview of the ads that will be appearing in Raul Castro’s next edition of The Yellow Pages:

See more ads below the fold.

5 thoughts on “Castro government to allow private companies to advertise in its ‘Yellow Pages’”

  1. Be sure to see all the “listings.” A number of them are laugh-out-loud funny, and there’s not much that makes me actually laugh out loud. But you have to be Cuban to get it, for the most part. I assume somebody explained it all to Alberto.

  2. Well, if Cubans are good at anything, they’re good at RELAJO. Trouble is, they may be too good at it. Everything is not a joke, nor should it be treated as such.

  3. I understand asombra, but given that so we have much stacked against us in our struggle against the Castro tyranny sometimes we need to joke about it or we’ll go berserk in the process.

    We are like a Don Quixote fighting the nearly invincible windmills of the Castro tyranny and its many supporters and accomplices in the US and around the world.

    I painfully say the tyranny has way more backers than we do and that is the reason it remains in power and we don’t achieve final victory.

    For the last fifty two years we are the Don Quixotes that keep falling off the horse and climb on it one more time for another try at defeating the windmill.

    It hasn’t been easy…

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