France’s hypocritical stance on Cuba

To French president Nicolas Sarkozy, it seems Cubans are not as “human” as the Libyan people or as “deserving” of liberty. As far as he is concerned, the Cuban people can continue enslaved and oppressed, as long as, of course, the French can continue making money off their misery.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

L’hypocrisie de Sarkozy à Cuba

Earlier this year, French President Nicolas Sarkozy led NATO’s efforts to rid Libya of the brutal Gaddafi dictatorship.

Yet, last week, he sent France’s Minister of Foreign Commerce, Pierre Lellouche, to coddle (and cut business deals) with Cuba’s brutal Castro dictatorship.

While in Havana, Lellouche went out of his way to reassure the Castro dictatorship that “no political political problems” exist between France and Cuba, and that both countries “share the same passion for sovereignty and national independence.”


Sarkozy (rightfully) forgot to mention that to Gaddafi’s dictatorship.

So what makes Castro’s dictatorship so special?

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  1. But of course, should the Cuban people ever go the Libya route, THEN France (and the rest) will have a problem with Castro, Inc. Don’t hold your breath.

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