Latin American ‘progressives’ supporting tyranny

If the leftists in Latin America have been consistent on anything, it is in the support of tyrannical dictatorships throughout the world.

Via Merco Press:

Latam “progressive” countries openly supported tyrants despised by Arab Spring”

The so called ‘progressive’ Latin American governments not only did they not support the revolution wave later known as the “Arab Spring” but openly and repeatedly backed the regimes against which the peoples of those countries rebelled.

Venezuela and Nicaragua were the most explicit in defending first Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and later Syrian president Bachar el Asad together with Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia in a similar position maybe less intense, while Brazil kept a clear more moderate profile.

Last February Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega called Gaddafi on the phone to express “the solidarity from the people of Nicaragua to all the people of Libya” and to him personally “the solidarity from the Sandinista Nicaraguans” wishing that “may God want the situation to be solved and over the soonest possible”.

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2 thoughts on “Latin American ‘progressives’ supporting tyranny”

  1. Such lovely people, so respectable and competent. But yes, they were both elected, at least initially. I have ZERO respect for anyone who voted for them. But then again, there’s the people who voted for Obama. In the first country of the world. Lord have mercy.

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