Updated – TIME’s “Person of The Year” … “The Protester”


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Actually, this is the TIME cover for this issue:


Better, huh?

I have not yet read the article to this (I’ll perhaps do so later tonight if there’s no reruns of CSI:NY on TV), and wonder how much, and in what context, (if at all) the TEA Party is mentioned among “The Protester”.

For a couple years now we have heard a lot of mud-slinging at the TEA Party, especially since the 2010 elections brought in TEA Party conservative republicans into the US Congress, and on the state and local levels. The democrats, and the MSM, break no sweat in blaming the TEA Party for the troubles the socialist movement is having within the Congress. The video above does not even mention the TEA Party, at least two years ahead of the OWS getting out into the streets. TIME completely snubbed the TEA Party last year for this useless issue recognition.

TIME cites “The Arab Spring” protests as an inspiration. Well, we all know the road that outcome is traveling down.

I am also curious (but won’t waste the word hopeful) if Laura Pollan was even mentioned in passing in this article…

UPDATE @ 1:30 …

Okay, I took the time and read through the multi-page article in TIME’s “person of The Year”

It heavily depends on “The Arab Spring”, with a lot of ‘Gee, we newly democratized folks in these ‘Arab’ countries hope the multitude of radical Islamists breathing down our backs will be understandingly secular with everyone when they inevitable take full power’. That, and the continual paralleling back and forth of the Arab Spring with the Occupy Movement. It also strives to point out the OWS movement has some internal problems with the unions that might steal away the movement’s identity.

But here are a couple items from the article that stood out at me from all the “Arab Spring” jubilation … and NO, Laura Pollan and The Ladies in White were not even mentioned. Nor were those in Castro’s prisons protesting with their lives…

The couple mentions of the TEA Party are side-handed devaluation jabs. First one:

In the U.S., the Obama campaign was in part a feel-good protest movement that galvanized young people, and then its shocking success and the Wall Street bailout produced an angry and shockingly successful populist protest movement in the Tea Party, which has far outlasted its expected shelf life.

“Angry” and “Shockingly Successful” … Uh huh.

And here we go, equating Muslims with Christians:

To me, the mainstream Islamist parties in Egypt and Tunisia don’t appear much more fanatically religious than, say, Pat Robertson–esque Evangelicals in the U.S., and unlike the Republican hard-liners, they sound committed to a national consensus that includes secular liberals.


And the secular revolutionaries remain hopeful that they will not turn out to have been useful idiots to new oppressors.


More on the dreaded TEA Party:

The wisest Occupiers understand that these are very early days. But as long as government in Washington — like government in Europe — remains paralyzed, I don’t see the Occupiers and Indignados giving up or losing traction or protest ceasing to be the defining political mode. After all, the Tea Party protests subsided only after Tea Partyers achieved real power in 2010 by becoming the tail wagging the Republican Party dog. When radical populist movements achieve big-time momentum and attention, they don’t tend to stand down until they get some satisfaction.

No mention of the list of democrats that have doubled and tripled down on their support of the OWS, even after the rapes, violence, deaths, millions and millions of dollars of mess left in their squatting wakes on already near bankrupt cities, the intrusion on residents, local businesses and port commerce.

Not to mention the unmasking of the true intentions of the OWS movement…


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