Cuban human rights activist exiled in Tampa needs our help

Back in August, human rights activist Odalys Zurma González Maya joined two other women in Cuba’s opposition and mounted a brave and bold protest on the steps of the Cuban Capitol. This valiant act of defiance by these women was captured on video, a testimony to the entire world of the courage wielded by women in Cuba. The three women ended up jailed by the Castro political police for their protest, and four months later, Odalys Zurma González Maya ended up exiled in Tampa, Florida.

Today, barely surviving in a mobile home, Odalys and her nine-year-old son need our help. As a community, we need to offer not only our moral support for Cuba’s brave activists, but material support as well.

Uncommon Sense has more information how you can help:

Now living in Tampa, Cuban freedom fighter needs your help

This past Aug. 4, three women — Mercedes García Álvarez, Tania Maldonado Sánchez and Odalys Zurma González Mayatook their protest against the Castro regime to the steps of the Old Capitol building, complete with signs and shouted slogans. For their efforts, they suffered a brutal beating by the political police and the support of bystanders who joined their protest and were also arrested.

Four months later, after suffering continued harassment by the Castro regime, González and her 9-year-old son are out of Cuba and living in Tampa.

And they need your help, according to my friend Patsy Feliciano, a leader in the Cuban American community in Tampa.

Patsy writes:

She lives in a tiny mobile home and is in desperate need of everything. We will likely do something in January to try to raise some awareness and support for her. So far I’ve put her in contact with several churches and organizations who are helping her with items and donations.

González and the other women, like other freedom fighters in Cuba, took a tremendous risk with her protest, and has paid a heavy price because of the Castro dictatorship. She and her son have been forced from their home because she chose to exercise her right to speak out and demand a better Cuba.

She is deserving of any help you can provide.

To help, email Patsy here (

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