One less son of a bitch to worry about

North Korea’s Kim Jong Il is dead. Let’s hope it’s the first in a series of events that will free another captive people.

The AP story linked above describe Kim Jong Il as “mercurial and enigmatic”. Nowhere in the piece is the word “communist” used nor does the AP estimate how many have died of hunger, how many have been arrested or how many have otherwise died at the hands of probably the worst dictatorship in the world. Just “mercurial and enigmatic”.

UPDATE: From 2004 here’s a peak in the North Korea led by the “mercurial and enigmatic” Kim Jong Il:

Revealed: the gas chamber horror of North Korea’s gulag
A series of shocking personal testimonies is now shedding light on Camp 22 – one of the country’s most horrific secrets

6 thoughts on “One less son of a bitch to worry about”

  1. It’s unfortunate that the North Koreans have been ruled with such an iron fist that it will be hard to spark any form of initial revolution.

  2. Actually, the AP story (at least as of 11:08 pm last night) did and does mention “communist”. Recheck the link and see for yourself.

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