An Ajiaco for Tuesday, December 20th

Here is a Tuesday news ajiaco for your dining pleasure:

  • Newsbusters reports how Anderson Cooper failed to mention some very important details about Cuba in a 60 Minutes segment this past Sunday — like the dictatorship that enslaves the Cuban people — during his visit to the Jardines de la Reina reef off the southern shore of the island.
  • The AP reports that after President Obama declared his concerns over human rights violations in Venezuela, dictator Hugo Chavez responded by calling the U.S. president a “clown.” An interesting word choice by the clownish Chavez.
  • Marc Frank reporting for NASDAQ talks about the Cuban government “sweetening the pot” for Cuban farmers by “allowing” them to lease more land that the Castro government stole for longer periods of time. I searched the entire article but found no reference to just how much sweetener is needed to sweeten a pot of putrid crap that has been stewing for almost 53 years.
  • Fox News Latino on the death of Kim Jong-Il and when it will be Fidel Castro’s turn to finally take residence in his special place in hell. This article is noteworthy because it contains a quote from our good friend and tireless activist for human rights in Cuba, Aramis Perez. Way to go, Aramis!
  • Pedazos de la Isla has a convocation from the Orlando Zapata National Front for Civic Resistance in Cuba calling for civic action and unity in demanding the release of imprisoned human rights activist Ivonne Malleza and paying tribute to the late Vaclav Havel.

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