Quote of the day

Juan Abreu in his Emanaciones #976 (my translation):

“Violence begets more violence: so they say. Bullshit. That is just cheap philosophy from fat-assed people who have never worked fourteen hours cutting sugarcane while being watched by a guard with a rifle. People who have never had their mother or child eaten by sharks in the Florida Straits. Violence is absolutely necessary to stop certain types of sons of bitches. History proves this. Look how well it went for Europe appeasing Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc. Those types of sons of bitches have to be shot as soon as possible. The only error in that is not shooting them soon enough. Or in other words, at the first opportunity. Look at what it has cost us not shooting the Castros. Speaking in a historical sense, this is the worse thing Batista ever did: not killing the Castro brothers when he had the chance. To me, that feel-good sentiment at the expense of pain suffered by others seems worse than fascism itself.”

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