What is coming

By Enrique Del Risco on his blog Enrisco (my translation):

What is coming
Now that they are saying all the current restrictions on leaving and entering the country placed on Cubans will be eliminated — restrictions no different from apartheid or Jim Crow laws whose mere existence should shame all humanity —  I wanted to publish once again a comment that someone left on this blog a few days ago:

Regarding the arrangements necessary to travel to Cuba, the price itself is abusive, but it is much more painful when they do not let you enter the country and you wasted your money on all the necessary arrangements. Once I arrived at the airport in Cuba, they turned me away and sent me back to the U.S. on the same plane. All for having left the country on a raft. My case is not the only one; there are thousands of us that suffer this injustice. Therefore, whoever can go and visit their family should give thanks and enjoy their visit because there are people not as fortunate and no one is doing anything about it. Greetings.

I would like to think that starting tomorrow, comments such as this will become a thing of the past, but something tells me that these changes, like the changes before them, will be rigged and have secret restrictions. That the declarations from the recognized mime Vicente Feliú regarding the new reforms, that they are designed to “Abolish the impediment of any Cuban who has not committed capital crimes or has been proven treasonous, the ability to enter and leave the country freely” will imply that authoring a blog such as this one, or like Yoani’s, is an act of treason against the country. Or even a capital crime.